Bundle me up, give me a cup of hot cocoa, and play me some Jason Mraz on this fine rainy day

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Wrap Hoodie: Gap, Thermal: Wilfred for Aritzia, Heart Rosemary Necklace: DIY by Julie Chiem, 
Gloves: American Eagle, Bag: Louis Vuitton(as if I had to even refer to it),Jeans: J.Brand,  
Wellies and socks: Nine West
Apologies. Pics are a bit fuzzy. Blame it on the rookie photographer.

Took a quick lunch from work to grab some sides from Rubios. The bean dip with chips was delish. Cost me $2.19! Being the obsessed nutrition facts nut that I am, I looked up the calorie count which is about 400 calories. High in protein! Good! High in sodium. Not so good.

This speedy Louis Vuitton bag, circa 1984 was a hand me down from my aunt, who has an amazing vintage handbag collection from Chanel, Prada, Fendi, Moschino, Dior, Gautier....you name it! Took it to LV for a polish. Can you believe they have been producing speedy's for so many years?

Yes, I made it! Have always fancied rosemarys, but I'm not Catholic, nor am I against it. Wouldn't serve me right to take ownership. Instead I added a heart. Hopefully no one takes offense :) I'm all about the LOVE Y'ALL.

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